Attempt to write a readonly database minidlna

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A commit of the file will do nothing, and an update of the file will fold the latest changes into your working copy. The log is not displaying anything that looks important.

I cannot thank them enough to help out at the last minute and deliver the work in the short deadline. For more information, refer to Setting Database Properties.

You can use your favourite text editor or if you are accessing this through Webmin, you can use the "Edit" option in "File Manager".

However, the operating environment or file system can be configured to create files that have limited file privileges by default. Only problem is it is so recent that the update is not available for update yet. This drive was in use with a pi1, i've moved it over to a pi2 I have spare - is that causing an issue.

Time to take a look at the code. After the scan, any new files appear in the database and any deleted files are removed. I've followed some of the notes on this thread: Norfolk Sun Dec 11, 5: So hi from me to everybody, already got lots of information from the forums and want to thank everybody for that.

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I configured Minidlna like this: Customer support all-time availability:. Feb 03,  · davidjmorin; Hi!

SVN: E200031: attempt to write a readonly database

Too soon to tell a whole lot, But, this: ‘/var/run/minidlna/’: Permission denied says do this: sudo service minidlna restart. sudo service minidlna force-reload.

Django Wsgi Attempt To Write A Readonly Database

Now if you hop back onto a windows computer or any Upnp compatible device you should be able to see your server. On window if you click on start then computer then on the left hand side click on network you should be able to see your raspberry pi Minidlna server called RASPI MINIDLNA under the media devices.

Komischerweise funktioniert es, wenn ich den integrierten minidlna von DD-WRT auf dem router nehme. also liegt es nicht am Abspielgerät und nicht an den dateien und nicht an minidlna an sich.

aber woran das liegt habe ich keine ahnung. Nov 17,  · It's either (1) the filesystem that holds the database file is read-only, (2) there is an existing database file (/tmp/minidlna/ by default) that is marked immutable - lsattr would show "i" - or (3) you have some sort of filesystem corruption that is preventing writes to that file.

Solution: AutoCAD Plant 3D will lock the project file with a and will also create these four other file locks in the project folder where the file is located. Nov 09,  · aptosid - Debian hot and spicy! Similarly to my issue with samba (from another post), my minidlna server which was working a couple of weeks ago, stopped working.

Attempt to write a readonly database minidlna
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[SOLVED] Guide to Installing and Running MiniDLNA on an Ubuntu Server